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June 3rd - 7th, 2013



Willdan Financial

Willdan Group, Inc. (Willdan) is a provider of professional technical and consulting services that ensure the quality, value, and security of our nation's infrastructure, systems, facilities, and environment. The firm has pursued two primary service objectives since its inception in 1964—ensuring the success of its clients and enhancing its surrounding communities. In doing so, Willdan has gained a notable reputation for technical excellence, cost-effectiveness, and client responsiveness in providing superior consulting services. The company's service offerings span a broad set of complementary disciplines that include engineering and planning, energy efficiency and sustainability, financial and economic consulting, and national preparedness. Willdan has crafted this set of integrated services so that, in the face of an evolving environment—whether economic, natural, or built—Willdan can continue to extend the reach and resources of its clients.

Willdan has hundreds of employees operating out of offices located throughout California, as well as in New York, Arizona, Florida, Illinois, Ohio, Tennessee, Texas, Washington and the District of Columbia. Through our wholly-owned subsidiaries—Willdan Engineering, Willdan Energy Solutions, Willdan Financial Services, and Willdan Homeland Solutions—Willdan offers comprehensive services that are summarized below.

Willdan has been delivering skilled, integrated, cost-effective engineering and planning services to its clients for close to 50 years. Whether you need one on-site staff expert or a full project team that can tap our nationwide resources and expertise, Willdan combines multidisciplinary experience and expertise, technical excellence, and management proficiency to deliver flexible, practical solutions at the lowest possible cost

Numerous people in Huntington were affected by the loss of Larry Kushnick this past week, here are just a few of the quotes from various mourners who celebrated his life this past week:

He was a dynamic leader, a mentor to me, a dear friend and a huge advocate for the community. This is a great loss." - Robert Bontempi, immediate past president of the Huntington Township Chamber of Commerce and Vision Long Island board member

"He was charismatic, he was fun, with a sense of humor you would not believe. Just a wonderful person." - Beth Uebele, sister of Mr. Kushnick

"He was the glue that made the fall festival such an annual success, and the skills he honed organizing that signature Huntington event also were invaluable in putting together the first Huntington Station Unity in the Community fair several years ago." - Huntington Town Supervisor Frank Petrone

"Larry was my partner, a mentor and a dear friend. He taught us all that there was more to the practice of law than sitting in an office and that we should engage in the community and give back. Everyone who knew him was better for it and he will be deeply missed.” - Vincent Pallaci, Mr. Kushnick's partner at the Melville law firm Kushnick Pallaci

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Please join us for the 2013 Smart Growth Awards!

Friday, June 14th, 2013
11:30 AM to 2:00 PM
The Huntington Hilton
Melville, NY

For over a decade, Vision Long Island has been honoring the individuals and organizations that display true Smart Growth leadershipin advancing projects, policies, regulations and initiatives. Specific focus areas include mixed-use development, affordable housing, environmental health and safety, open space and historic preservation, traffic calming and pedestrian safety, transportation enhancements,clean energy, downtown revitalization and/or community-based planning.

Award recipients stand out in their ability to demonstrate one or more of these basic principles:

- Mix land uses
- Take advantage of compact building design
- Create housing choices for a range of household types, family sizes and incomes
- Create walkable neighborhoods
- Foster distinctive, attractive communities with a strongsense of place
- Preserve open space, farmland, historic buildings and critical environmental areas


- Strengthen existing communities and achieve more balanced regional development
- Provide a variety of transportation choices
- Make development decisions predictable, fair and cost
- Encourage citizen and stakeholder participation in development decisions
- Utilize clean energy and green building development

Vision is proud to announce our newest Honoree!

Vision is pleased to announce the honoree for Regional Leadership Congressman Peter King for his successful work against the odds in delivering the Sandy Relief Act this year and the Federal Transportation bill last year. We will behonoring him and an excellent group of LI leaders and projects.

Regional Leadership
United States Representative Peter King

Regional Leadership
Superstorm Sandy Cleanup and Rebuilding Volunteers

Creating a Mix of Uses
LaunchPad Mineola
Andrew Hazen, Richard Foster
Peter Goldsmith, LISTnet

Smithtown Main Street
Lavena Sipes, Courtney Sipes Memorial Foundation
Mark Mancini, Smithtown Chamber of Commerce

Revitalizing Communities
"Yes We Can" Community Center, New Cassel
Town of North Hempstead

Revitalizing Communities
Central Islip Revitalization
Hon. Steve Flotteron, Town of Islip
Central Islip Coalition of Good Neighbors

Smart Planning
Republic Station, East Farmingdale
Town of Babylon

Smart Planning
Connect Long Island
Suffolk County

Bolt Bus

Clean Energy
Clean Energy Programs

Housing Choices
Linden Knolls, Hempstead
D & F Development

Envrionmental & Historic Preservation
Joy Squires
Huntington Conservation Board


Register today! Sponsorships and Journal ad spaces are available!

[ ] Visionary ($15,000) [ ] Leader ($10,000) [ ] Gold Sponsor ($5,000) [ ] Sponsor ($2,000) [ ] ___ seats ($100/person)
Method of Payment: [ ] Check enclosed [ ] Check sent (faxed replies only) [ ] Pay at the door [ ] Credit Card

Attendee Name(s): ____________________________________________________________________________________________


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To RSVP or for more information please contact 631-261-0242, or fax 631-754-4452.


Journal ad space deadline is Wednesday, June 5th!

Ad size: [ ] Full page color (8" x 10.5") ($1,000) [ ] Half page color (8" x 5.25") ($500) [ ] Quarter page color (4" x 5.25") ($250)
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Name / Company: _____________________________________________________________________________________________


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Email: _______________________________________ Phone: ____________________________ Fax: ________________________

Credit Card: [ ] Visa [ ] MasterCard [ ] American Express Name, as it appears on card: ____________________________________

Credit Card Number: __________________________________________________ Expiration Date: ___________________________

Larry Kushnick - In Memory of Our Dear Friend

Were it not for Larry Kushnick….

As I looked around a large funeral hall, mourner-filled far beyond capacity on a recent June day, I couldn’t help but wonder about the incredible impact Larry Kushnick must have had on the lives and hearts of those present. Beneath the palpable sadness and shock on so many of the hundreds of faces was a story, a personal story of how a man – one who has left us at 51 years young – inspired them, lifted their aspirations, made them laugh at life and themselves, and set a glorious standard for community involvement and generosity. And interwoven into each of those stories, the common thread of Larry Kushnick bound with positive, community-impacting change.

It was back in 1997 when Larry – a young, but already well-connected-in-town attorney, serving with me on the Huntington Historical Society board uttered the words he invariably repeated to many, “let’s get together for coffee”. And it was at Munday’s, the famous Huntington eatery-cum-breakfast meeting joint, that Larry charmingly persuaded me to sign on to a terrific young program he was currently involved in – Leadership Huntington. And it was only a few months after that, when Larry, inspired by my desire to form an entity in town devoted to the pursuit of a new, community-based land use planning model (“Smart Growth” and Traditional Neighborhood Development) enthusiastically agreed to help move the initiative forward. So along with Larry, historian Robert Hughes and architect Alex Latham, Vision Huntington – which later became Vision Long Island -- and the Smart Growth movement on Long Island was born.

Through Larry’s circle of connections with the Town of Huntington and his unbridled energy, with support from a growing network of other Leadership Huntington graduates, the organization grew, the Smart Growth Advisory Committee was formed in Town Hall, the seminal Smart Growth Speaker Series took place, and the rest is history. And all the while Larry was there to do the grunt work – discuss strategy any hour of the day or night, roll up his sleeves at 8AM on a Sunday with marker in hand helping lay out alternative plans for a development, hand out surveys on a street corner – always with a smile, always willing to help with the next step, always exhorting us on as we came upon obstacle after obstacle, always working behind the scenes to smooth the way for the organization.

Larry helped plant and nurture the Smart Growth seed, and it is safe to say, were it not for Larry Kushnick, Vision Long Island would not have come into existence, and the Smart Growth movement likely never introduced. Long Island would be at a different place in its land use development and perhaps looking at a very different future.

As I looked around at the many sad faces in the hall, I could see so many stories like mine. So many organization and community efforts, like ours, lifted up and cheered on by Larry Kushnick to better bring their goodness and hope, in turn, to the community. So many people inspired by his energy and joy of life to seek out the very best in themselves, the willingness to give to benefit others, to make the community a better place.

With the passing of Larry Kushnick, we have truly lost a dear friend. But the indelible lessons, indeed gifts, Larry has left us with us – that almost anything is doable, pursue but temper your passions, do everything with a smile, handle adversity with grace… and a joke – remain alive for us to immortalize. Perhaps his most important gift, however, is this: do what you can to help others and doing so brings the greatest joy and fulfillment. This gift I truly cherish, and it is this gift that perhaps best allows Larry to live on in all of us as we strive to make our communities, our towns, our Island, a better place.   

Ron Stein

President and Co-founder
Vision Long Island
June 2013

$1.1 million in Grants for Sandy-affected businesses in Long Beach, Atlantic Beach and Island Park

This past Monday The Saloon in Long Beach hosted an event celebrating the 35 seperate grants totaling $1.1 million that National Grid provided to Long Beach, Atlantic Beach and Island Park bsinesses.

To date, National Grid has awarded $5.1 million to Sandy-impacted businesses across the region. The company has pledged a total of $30 million for a program designed to provide relief for local business leaders and government officials from Staten Island to Suffolk County. The program will operate alongside the company's residential program offering grants to residents in storm-ravaged homes that need to replace boilers and furnaces.

Ken Daly, president of National Grid New York, noted that the program was created to help people where National Grid employees live and work while also recalling his time working in Long Beach after Sandy tore through the city. "In most neighborhoods most people went and took care of their own homes as best they could," he said. "This was the only neighborhood where blocks came together and they did one home at a time."

John Keating, Vision Long Island board member and the economic development specialist at National Grid, noted that the application asks home and business owners to provide estimates of damages, costs of repairs, and resources received from insurance companies. "Then we make a determination in house about how much we can provide to offset some of that gap between what their costs and resources are," he said while also mentioning that National Grid had committed grants to more than 300 businesses.

Glenn Ingoglia, preisdent of the Island Park Chamber of Commerce, said that over 90% of businesses in his chamber were without insurance and astonished at the lack of federal assistance. However, National Grid has provided approximately $500,000 in grants for affected businesses, helping to mitigate the damage from the disaster.

"It was the only grant that businesses could get," he said, "and National Grid came through at a time when, had they not, I could think of a handful of businesses that wouldn't be around today."

Vision Long Island participatwed in the press conference along with local businesses, community and government leaders.

For more information check out the Long Beach Patch here.

Huntington Station blueprints receives approval from Town Board

At the Town Hall meeting on Tuesday night, June 4th, the Renaissance Downtowns LLC’s plan to redevelop the Huntington Station landscape along New York Avenue from 11th Street to High Street was unanimously approved by the Huntington Town Board, and received support and cheers from many members of the audience.

The plan calls for creating a walkable community by including mixed-use centers, using some municipal and private properties near the Long Island Rail Road train station. The greater plan was approved but the town-appointed master developer still needs any approvals that will be required, like zone changes, variances and for the site plan.

Prior to the vote, Renaissance held an interactive campaign called Source the Station in which residents of the community participated and shared their concerns and hopes about Huntington Stations. it was an opportunity to vote on different ideas for the downtown plan such as voting their favorite retail ideas include a bookshop, cafe and performance space; a Long Island Rail Road station retail cluster; a fresh fruit and vegetable stand; and a restaurant row. The board voted in favor of the master developer’s revitalization plan largely due to this campaign and the overwhelming support of the community.

The strategy proposes changes along the area to create a focuses downtown around the train station including new retail and landscape improvements.   In addition to more than a dozen supporters who spoke on behalf of the project and those wearing their Source the Station tee shirts, Supervisor Petrone made mention of the 800 residents who took part in Renaissance Downtown’s online crowd sourcing process.

For further reading, please visit Newsday.

Volunteers needed for Clean Up this Weekend!

Dear potential volunteers who have not yet signed up for a community for this weekend.

Vision Long Island is organizing physical clean-up and rebuilding crews to assist local communities damaged by heavy flooding for this weekend.

Thanks for your past help of Sandy  impacted residents but much work still needs to be done.  I know that with the holiday season, it may be hard for you to come out but any time you could donate would be greatly appreciated.

This weekend we will be continuing our cleanup efforts in the following communities:

Services for yeard work will be needed at:
30 Johnson Place
Services for rebuilding will be needed at:
West 1st Street
For more information, please contact Eric Alexander 631-804-9128

Saturday at 9am
For location, please contact Eric Alexander 631-804-9128

St. Andrew's Church
250 Neighborhood Road
Mastic Beach, NY 11951
Saturday and Sunday at 10 am
Skilled labor preferred for rebuilding.
For more information please contact Victoria Lissy at 631-617-7273

Please provide your own supplies needed for clean-up:  Industrial bags, rakes, hammers, shovels, gloves, masks, heavy boots.  We may have many of these items available but it is safer to have them ready to go just in case.

With a goal to get at least 50-100 more Long Islanders back in their homes, the Friends of Long Island group has embarked on a fundraising campaign to initially raise $500,000 for building materials and labor. All donations will go directly to these communities to aide in recovery efforts. If you would like to support the relief efforts, you can send your donations to:

Vision Long Island Sandy Relief
24 Woodbine Ave
Suite 2
Northport, NY 11768


Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano hosting Disaster Preparedness Seminar for local Businesses

Nassau County Executive Edward P. Mangano announced today that he will host the first of its kind Disaster Preparedness Seminar for Nassau County businesses on June 12th at the Nassau County Office of Emergency Management in Bethpage. The free seminar will run from 6-8 p.m.

County Executive Mangano will lead this first-ever municipally sponsored seminar, which will feature a panel of experts who will discuss the lessons learned from Superstorm Sandy. Topics will include business continuity issues, insurance issues, document management, government resources available for assistance, and how to plan for and manage your business in an emergency.

“Hurricane Sandy damaged and destroyed many Nassau County businesses,” said County Executive Mangano. “My administration is working with local businesses to help them recover from the devastation caused by the super storm.  With the start of Hurricane Season, it’s important to study the lessons learned from the past and put them to work so that businesses can be prepared should mother nature strike again in the future.”

Scheduled to participate in the seminar are:

  • Craig Craft, Commissioner, Nassau County Office of Emergency Management;
  • Bob Stark, President, Long Island Commercial Network, a commercial real estate brokerage group;
  • Walter Reid, Business Advisor with the New York Small Business Development Center;
  • Anthony Ciuffo, Long Island Director of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration;
  • Ashley E. Smith, FEMA Assistant External Affairs Officer for the Private Sector;
  • Greg Serio, Managing Director of Park Strategies and former New York State Superintendent of Insurance;
  • Julie Marchesella, President, Nassau Council of Chambers of Commerce; and
  • Walter Oden II, Long Island branch manager, U.S. Small Business Administration.

Each participant will receive a packet of informative educational materials.

Those interested in attending should RSVP by June 9th to or by telephone to (516) 571-1745.

The Nassau County Office of Emergency Management is located at 510 Grumman Road West, Bethpage, New York.

Just a reminder that next week is the 2013 Smart Growth Awards, so register now if you haven't already!

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